Which Gaming Storage Is Right for Me?

We have the right storage solution for how you play.

Why Is Gaming Storage So Essential?

Limited Storage Limits Your Game

Today's most popular games are massive, demanding hundreds of gigabytes in storage to play. That's because game files are no longer limited to reading from a CD or DVD. With the right gaming hard disk drive (HDD), solid state drive (SSD), or microSD card, you can store more and keep your library growing without resorting to deleting your favorite titles.

Better Graphics Can Lead to Slower Load Times

Games have never looked better, but immersive worlds and stunning visuals come at a price - including longer load times, larger downloads, and specific storage requirements. Purpose-built gaming storage solutions not only give you more capacity, they can also provide accelerated speeds to get you in the game fast so you can win faster.

Next-Gen Consoles Demand Next-Gen Storage

The latest consoles are backwards compatible with almost every previous generation game, allowing you to play your old favorites. But as incredible as next-gen games are, they also take up tons of extra storage. Offloading your last-gen titles to a game drive is the perfect way to keep your favorites saved and ready to play on your next-gen console.

Gamer Pro Tip

Many game updates now rival the size of games themselves, making storage expansion all the more essential to keeping your game library growing.

The Most Popular Games Take Up The Most Space







Battle Royale


Gaming Storage Built For How You Play

Are you a PC gamer, console gamer, or content creator?

PC Gamer

You need the space to store, the speed to play, and the advanced connectivity to enhance your gaming station. Here are just a few obstacles you could encounter.

  • Limited space limiting your game collection
  • Long load times making you wait to play
  • Lack of connectivity restricting your gaming experience

Console Gamer

You need to keep your library growing, continue playing favorites, and speed up load times. Without the right gaming storage, you could soon face these issues.

  • Running out of space on your console
  • Deleting favorites to make room for next-gen titles
  • Bigger games causing slower load times

Content Creator

You need the right gaming storage so you don’t fill up, lag out, or lose your audience. Don’t let lack of space and performance cause these problems.

  • Content and clips quickly filling up your capacity
  • Poor performance causing poor video quality
  • Slow speeds causing your game to lag


Gaming Storage for PC

Desktop or laptop, here’s what you need to know.

Gaming HDDs

Gaming HDDs

Gaming Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) are popular choices for PC storage expansion - consolidating your growing game collection so you don’t have to delete favorites to make room for a new release.



Non-Volatile Memory Express Solid State Drives (NVMe SSDs) offer the perfect blend of gaming storage and speed to get you in faster. They accelerate load times so you're not waiting to play.



Serial Advanced Technology Attachment Solid State Drives (SATA SSDs) offer a cost-effective way to speed up your game along with the additional space you need to expand your growing library.


Waiting Is No Way To Play

Leave long load times behind with gaming PC SSDs.

SSD Add-In-Card

SSD Add-In-Card

Choose a plug-and-play add-in card that gets you in the game almost instantaneously. Featuring heatsink to minimize throttling down in the heat of battle, and customizable Red Green Blue (RGB) lighting with 13 different Light-Emitting Diode (LED) pattern effect to match your style (Windows only).



Non-Volatile Memory Express Solid State Drives (NVMe SSDs) offer the perfect blend of gaming storage and speed to get you in faster. These compact form factors are inserted into your M.2 expansion slot, instantly giving you PCIe performance to accelerate load times so you’re not waiting to play.


Your Laptop Was Meant for More

Limited ports are limiting your gaming experience.

Single Connection TB3/USB Docking Station

Due to their size, laptops lack the extra ports for gaming accessories, often resulting in a limited system. Now you can level the playing field with a single connection TB3/USB docking station, providing ultra-fast optional NVMe gaming storage and the connectivity you need to expand your gaming notebook into a fully integrated setup. Complete with customizable RGB lighting to personalize your station (Windows only).

Gamer Pro Tip

RGB lighting is controlled through the downloadable WD_BLACK Dashboard, and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing Razer Chroma™, ASUSAura Sync on Armoury Crate, MSI Mystic Light, or GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 RGB ecosystem.


Gaming Storage for Compatible Consoles

Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo gamers, here’s what you need to know.

Portable Gaming Storage Is Essential

With some consoles relying solely on digital storage, expanding your space has never been more critical. Choose from a top-tier HDD, a performance-enhancing SSD to cut load times, or microSD card to grow your library on a compatible Nintendo Switch™.

Next-Gen Consoles Have Limited Storage

Next-gen games can only be played from your next-gen console, quickly filling up their capacities. Offloading your backwards compatible collection to a purpose-built console storage solution is a great way to keep playing them while keeping your compatible Xbox Series X|S or PS5 ready for new games and future updates.

Your Console Needs Speed

Better graphics and larger worlds mean bigger games that can fill up your capacity and slow your console down. That’s why you need a gaming SSD that can accelerate load times and shatter load screens, getting you in the game faster.

Gamer Pro Tip

Gaming SSDs have no moving parts, making them more durable, portable, and ready to game on the go.


Storage for Content Creators

Access content fast and keep your stream game going strong.

WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD

Stream Content Successfully

Live streaming platforms and Video On Demand (VOD) technologies have brought people together from all over the world to share in their passion for gaming. Now millions of fans are watching their favorite esports stars and more gamers are live streaming and creating content of their own.

While starting your own channel can be easy, maintaining it and breaking out from the competition is another story. When you have the right storage solution, live streaming can feel as seamless as being in the same room with your friends, taking on the final boss together. Choosing the right gaming storage solution can help speed up and drastically improve performance so your fans consistently stay engaged and entertained.

WD Red NAS Hard Drive

Save Every Moment with Confidence

Creating content isn’t just about playing real time. When you’re capturing every epic win and hilarious fail, you will want to store every piece of footage as well as control and access your footage without long transfer times, or recurring cloud subscription fees.

With the right Network Attached Storage solution when supported by reliable technology, you can save every single unreal moment that you can store and archive to edit together as you please. Save all your videos with confidence and plenty of storage space so that you can continue growing your audience while keeping your best moments nearby.